SAP Table - BKK51

SAP TableBKK51
DescriptionSubj.Fin.Pay. Balance
Table TypeTRANSP
Delivery ClassA
Main CategoryBank Components

SAP Bank Components Tables

TBKK8JTText Table for Dispatch Expense CounterIS-B
JBRSIMZSimulated Interest - DefinitionIS-B
ATRMOValuation controlIS-B
JBASTCPStandard Conditions: Condition ItemIS-B
TBKKA3Guarantee Amounts for Position TypeIS-B
I8100IS-B: RM Characteristics : Organisation INT/EXTIS-B
TBKK8K2TTexts for Transaction Type Category (Diff.Type)IS-B
KLPARAMCredit Limit: Tab for Controlling Ext. Default Risk RatesIS-B
TBKKHYCDTText Table for TBKKHYCD - No. of Change Docs HierarchiesIS-B
TBCA_US_DEA_DELTEscheat Property Deletion Codes DescriptionIS-B

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