SAP Table - BKK54

SAP TableBKK54
DescriptionAccount Balance of Hierarchies
Table TypeTRANSP
Delivery ClassA
Main CategoryBank Components

SAP Bank Components Tables

JBRDBRTBSTDRM: Position for Extended Risk ObjectIS-B
BKK620Account Hierarchy: Amount Definitions for Cash ConcentrationIS-B
TBKKI_01Field StatusIS-B
BKKMDISPJOBSJobs Started by DispatcherIS-B
VTBLISLimit Utilization: Summarization per Limit AmountIS-B
BKKE1Current Account: LimitsIS-B
TRTP_US_AMNTIDTAmount identifierIS-B
JBRLZBMaturity bandIS-B
TBKK48Old: Permitted Products per Bank AreaIS-B
JBREGSHRM Base Portfolio for Single TransactionsIS-B

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