SAP Table - BKK9A

DescriptionPosting and Value Date Balances Carried Forward
Table TypeTRANSP
Delivery ClassA
Main CategoryBank Components

SAP Bank Components Tables

TRTP_US_PLANTYPEType of retirement planIS-B
JBRVBRSARM: Summarization for Balances (with Valuation Rule)IS-B
BKK_OPD_IT_PRIAssignment of Processing Priorities for External Items - OPDIS-B
KCD_TYPADDEDT: Additional Specifications for Certain Trans. CategoriesIS-B
JBRMSGSELRM: Indicators that control the Filter for MessagesIS-B
TBKK03Check Digit Calculation MethodsIS-B
TBKK_EMP_OBJMTHTTexts Object Methods Auth. Employee AccountsIS-B
JBRHKOETRM: Version Table Header, HIERA and BEST Ext.Cat.Prim.Trans.IS-B
TBKK8EItem Counter DeterminationIS-B
BKK55Subject to Final Payment Balance of HierarchiesIS-B

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