SAP Table - CIF_TCO43

DescriptionEnhancements for TCO43 in Plug-In
Table TypeTRANSP
Delivery ClassC
Main CategorySupply Chain Management
Sub CategorySCM Basis

SAP SCM Basis Tables

CIFSELOPTDefinition of the Selection Options for Publishing TypesSCM-BAS
ICH_D_MWO_PPNManufactoringWorkOrderProductionProgress controlSCM-BAS
CIF_IMSPNTIM Reference Table for Shipping PointsSCM-BAS
CIFAPLSETApplication-Specific Settings, Target System-DependentSCM-BAS
CIF_IMPPRInt. Mod. Reference Table for Planning ProductsSCM-BAS
CIF_IMSRCDIMod Reference Table for Scheduling AgreementsSCM-BAS
CIF_IMMSLIntegration Model Reference Table for Consumption DataSCM-BAS
CIF_IMGSTIntegration Model Reference Table for Quota Info. StructuresSCM-BAS
CIFORDMAPMapping Table Order No. <-> APO-GUID (Plan/Prod. Orders)SCM-BAS
CIFPOMAPMapping Table NR/POS/ET <-> APO GUID (Purch. Ord. Docs)SCM-BAS

Full List of SAP SCM Basis Tables