SAP Table - CKML2

DescriptionMaterial Ledger Header Record (Release 3.xx)
Table TypeTRANSP
Delivery ClassA
Main CategoryControlling
Sub CategoryProduct Cost Controlling

SAP Product Cost Controlling Tables

CKMLKONAssignment of Modification Constants to Acct Assignmt ReasonCO-PC
MAKABuffer Table for MiniApps of the CostingCO-PC
TKKP1Cost Object ID Control: General Default ValuesCO-PC
MLHDMaterial Ledger Document: HeaderCO-PC
MLBEMaterial Ledger FS Item Table for GR/IR relevant transactionCO-PC
AD01WIP_RCATRevenue categories for WIP reportingCO-PC
TCKH4Cost Component Structure for Cost of Goods ManufacturedCO-PC
FCML_ACCONFConfiguration of HDB AcceleratorCO-PC
CKMLAB01TMaterial Update Structure (Description)CO-PC
KNKOAssignment of Cost Est. Number to Config. ObjectCO-PC

Full List of SAP Product Cost Controlling Tables