SAP Table - CLRK

DescriptionRecursiveness Info on Objects in Classes for BOM
Table TypeTRANSP
Delivery ClassA
Main CategoryLogistics - General
Sub CategoryVariant Configuration

SAP Variant Configuration Tables

PMEVC_AFFIX_TMPLTemplate with affix (i.e. prefix and postfix) rulesLO-VC
CDCNDConfiguration: Direct Conditions Data Type:CHARLO-VC
CUVCPR_ID_INTConversion: internal ID for configuration profileLO-VC
CECUSDConfiguration editor: design: basic dataLO-VC
CUCFGSWConfigurable Objects with IPC as configuration engineLO-VC
CUSEPRESMaterial Variant Matching Preselection + SettingsLO-VC
TCUZConfiguration: Configuration Result Layout -Line-LO-VC
TCULConfiguration: Configuration Result LayoutLO-VC
TCUAConfiguration: Find Layout for Configuration ResultLO-VC
CLRKRecursiveness Info on Objects in Classes for BOMLO-VC

Full List of SAP Variant Configuration Tables