SAP Table - CLRK

DescriptionRecursiveness Info on Objects in Classes for BOM
Table TypeTRANSP
Delivery ClassA
Main CategoryLogistics - General
Sub CategoryVariant Configuration

SAP Variant Configuration Tables

TCUQConfiguration: Configurable ObjectsLO-VC
IBVALUECCBASE: Redundant Object Doc. on Value Changes for InstanceLO-VC
CUOBOM_CHANGEManually Changed Items in the Order BOMLO-VC
TCOBConfiguration: Configurable ObjectsLO-VC
CABN_EXCLCharacteristics That Are Excluded for Type MatchingLO-VC
CECUSFConfiguration editor: design: bordersLO-VC
CUCFGSWConfigurable Objects with IPC as configuration engineLO-VC
TCULConfiguration: Configuration Result LayoutLO-VC
MACONDConfiguration: Manually Assigned ConditionsLO-VC
TCUUISCENXCM scenarios for calling IPC UILO-VC

Full List of SAP Variant Configuration Tables