SAP Table - CRID

DescriptionCIM Resource - Entities
Table TypeTRANSP
Delivery ClassA
Main CategoryProduction Planning and Control
Sub CategoryBasic Data

SAP Basic Data Tables

CRCOAssignment of Work Center to Cost CenterPP-BD
TC22Field Name of Value from Transport StructurePP-BD
TCA20Grouping categories for object overview versionsPP-BD
TC26DDefault values for capacityPP-BD
TCA23Permissible tables and structures for grouping categoriesPP-BD
TC23AValid types for the work centerPP-BD
TCA09Task list applicationsPP-BD
TC26Capacity categoryPP-BD
KAPECapacity unit of measure allocationPP-BD
CWB_WORKAREA_DEFEWB: User-Dependent Initial VariantsPP-BD

Full List of SAP Basic Data Tables