SAP Table - HRP1034

SAP TableHRP1034
DescriptionInfotype 1034 DB table
Table TypeTRANSP
Delivery ClassC
Main CategoryTraining and Event Management

SAP Training and Event Management Tables

T77FARTTexts: Reason for Course FailedPE
HRPAD50Additional Data PAD50PE
HRPAD27Additional data PAD27PE
HRP1030Infotype 1030 DB tablePE
HRP1020Infotype 1020 DB tablePE
T777BAppraisal TypesPE
T77BBAppraisal Criteria TextsPE
HRP1026Infotype 1026 DB tablePE
T77CARReason for Cancellation of AttendancePE
HRPAD23Additional data PAD23PE

Full List of SAP Training and Event Management Tables