SAP Table - HSMC_105

SAP TableHSMC_105
DescriptionCheck Schema/WM Objects Assignment
Table TypeTRANSP
Delivery ClassC
Main CategoryEnvironment, Health and Safety
Sub CategoryHazardous Substance Management

SAP Hazardous Substance Management Tables

HSMC_025EHS: Assignment Source Object to Target ObjectEHS-HSM
HSMC_104Check Schema/Check Method AssignmentEHS-HSM
HSMC_112Segregation RulesEHS-HSM
HSMC_113Responses for Segregation Rule CheckEHS-HSM
HSMC_110Segregation RegulationsEHS-HSM
HSMC_103Check Methods DescriptorEHS-HSM
HSMC_101Check Schema DescriptorEHS-HSM
HSMC_023EHS: Customizing Warehouse Nos with Country/Region AssignmtEHS-HSM
HSMC_105Check Schema/WM Objects AssignmentEHS-HSM
HSMC_102Check MethodsEHS-HSM

Full List of SAP Hazardous Substance Management Tables