SAP Table - J_3GPAKP

DescriptionPackage Item Data
Table TypeTRANSP
Delivery ClassA
Main CategoryIndustry Solution Engineering & Construction

SAP Industry Solution Engineering & Construction Tables

J_3GKONZABGroup MappingIS-EC
J_3GBERGR(Recipient) Authorization GroupsIS-EC
J_3GLABETActivity Types/Limits per Document CategoryIS-EC
J_3GZUEIGNLeasing TableIS-EC
TBOSECP2Cost Elements for Condition TypesIS-EC
J_3GLASEAllowed Activity Types per Document TypeIS-EC
A265Standard Dummy Customer/Document Type/Material Grp/MaterialIS-EC
J_3GTPMKTTexts for Cost Key Figures of the Maintenance OrderIS-EC
TBOSFACTTexts for Surcharges / DiscountsIS-EC
BOSPS_CLUSTERBOSPS Data Cluster for variants etcIS-EC

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