SAP Table - MEREP_610

SAP TableMEREP_610
DescriptionSender Control Record
Table TypeTRANSP
Delivery ClassA
Main CategoryBasis Components
Sub CategorySAP NetWeaver Mobile - Use subcomponents

SAP SAP NetWeaver Mobile - Use subcomponents Tables

MICONFIGINFO_UDevice IDs to Send Configuration Information with Next SyncBC-MOB
MEREP_502Outbound Device Sequence NumberBC-MOB
MEMSD_CUSTATTMobile Solution Descriptor: Customizing AttributesBC-MOB
MEREP_ADDRESSAddress (Sample Application)BC-MOB
MEMON_TECH_OBJAGS Monitoring: Main data technical Monitor (item list)BC-MOB
INST_IMG_MAPPINGMapping for Installation Toolkit, TempID / DeviceIDBC-MOB
MSDRUNTIMETMI:Runtime EnvironmentsBC-MOB
MIPACKAGE_PROPERProperties for Client PackageBC-MOB
MEREP_211Selection Criteria(Download): SyncBO: Last UpdateBC-MOB

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