SAP Table - MSFD

DescriptionSales Order Stock with Vendor
Table TypeTRANSP
Delivery ClassA
Main CategoryAerospace & Defence Industry Solution

SAP Aerospace & Defence Industry Solution Tables

DIPCS_POOL1Administration of Serial Numbers in Sales DocumentsIS-AD
T138ZCommon Fields in MPN GroupsIS-AD
SPCIPSPLMNTSPEC2000: Stores Additional/Long/MultipleOccurance fieldsIS-AD
MSRDProject Stock with VendorIS-AD
ADS2KIPUPL_GSETSpec2000 Upload: Upload Customizing SettingsIS-AD
ADPMSTATHDTComponent Maintenance Cockpit Profile Text TableIS-AD
PEG_CLIENTPegging: General settings for customizingIS-AD
AD00PMEVClass event tableIS-AD
PEG_RUNPROFTPegging: Run profile textIS-AD
ADPMPRIOPRFComponent Maintenance Cockpit ProfileIS-AD

Full List of SAP Aerospace & Defence Industry Solution Tables