SAP Table - MSFD

DescriptionSales Order Stock with Vendor
Table TypeTRANSP
Delivery ClassA
Main CategoryAerospace & Defence Industry Solution

SAP Aerospace & Defence Industry Solution Tables

MCSDCustomer StockIS-AD
PEG_RUNPROFTPegging: Run profile textIS-AD
PEG_TBRKDEFBreakpoint DefinitionIS-AD
DIS_TOBJS_COSPDistribution: Objects distributed to per Group WBS (Cost)IS-AD
ORF2CUSTTCustomising Profils for Optimal Rot. Float ORF1,2,4 TextIS-AD
WTYSCC_DOCTYPESTText table for document typesIS-AD
PEG_TASS_WLSTTemp. assignments for sub-components of grp to grp transfersIS-AD
DIS_PGPRFDistribution: Assignemnt Distribution Profile - Group WBSEl.IS-AD
ADFDR_CUSTTCustomizing Flight Data Entry: TextsIS-AD
SPCIPSTATSPEC2000 : User Status Profiles for an Object TypeIS-AD

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