SAP Table - P01EA_HIST

DescriptionHistory Administration for the Reimbursement Process
Table TypeTRANSP
Delivery ClassA
Main CategoryPayroll
Sub CategoryGermany

SAP Germany Tables

T5DPSPAISY Sequential Record Numbers for Subrecord Type 15PY-DE
PAPBSDENV_PAYLOGRetroactive Pension Insurance Payment Runs PerformedPY-DE
P01E2_MELD_STELStAM: Status of Notifications for the AdministratorPY-DE
P01EL_DBFEData Module Error in ELENA ProcedurePY-DE
T5DP5Conversion of Wage Type Infotype 0010 -> PAISYPY-DE
P01D3_DBUVDEUEV Confirmation: DBUV Data Module - Accident InsurancePY-DE
P2RD_APFBTPayroll Result: Garnishment D - Garnishable AmountPY-DE
T5DPBSZVSTTNotification Record Structures for Data Medium: TextPY-DE
P01T_KISTETStmt: Church Tax DataPY-DE
PAPBSDENV_POINInput for Posting RunPY-DE

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