SAP Table - P01SV_IT700_A

SAP TableP01SV_IT700_A
DescriptionAssignment Infotype Structure 0700 to Data Module
Table TypeTRANSP
Delivery ClassS
Main CategoryPayroll
Sub CategoryGermany

SAP Germany Tables

P01DS_DBFEData Modules Error of DEUEV Confirmations (Immediate Notif.)PY-DE
T7PBSWBRP2HControl of Infotypes to Be Transferred from PWE to PAPY-DE
T50BGHRB2A: Manual Status SwitchPY-DE
P01W_DSLWData Module: General InformationPY-DE
P01W_DBNAData Module: NamePY-DE
P01E2_STATUSELStAM Procedure: Status TablePY-DE
T5D0MHR: Processing Routines for the Derivation of Wage TypesPY-DE
T5D8BUse of OrganizationsPY-DE
P2RD_ANVWLPayroll Result: Garnishment D - Cap. Form. Paymt EmployeePY-DE
PDBKBESUMConstr. Ind. Social Fund Procedure: BEMEL Records (Total)PY-DE

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