SAP Table - P01SV_IT700_A

SAP TableP01SV_IT700_A
DescriptionAssignment Infotype Structure 0700 to Data Module
Table TypeTRANSP
Delivery ClassS
Main CategoryPayroll
Sub CategoryGermany

SAP Germany Tables

T5D0TPay Scale Area GroupingsPY-DE
T7PBSWBRP1ATDefinition of Control FeaturesPY-DE
T7PBSNO5BDefinition of notification packagesPY-DE
PDPBSZVSUMTotals Record (Record Type 90), SPIPY-DE
T5DPBSZVBGSP Assessment and Other ThresholdsPY-DE
P01SV_DSIDAdministration Data Record IdentificationPY-DE
T5DB_REISEZIELTPY-DE-CI:Text Table Destination / Expenses: Const. IndustryPY-DE
T5D7QTFunction Model Texts: Special PaymentPY-DE
T7DEPBSVAVGAGRTAge Limit Calculation Rule - TextsPY-DE
P01ZFA_NN_ATTRZfA: Attributes of Unassigned ZK01 NotificationsPY-DE

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