SAP Table - P01ZS_MELD

DescriptionData Record and Data Modules for Paying Office Procedure
Table TypeTRANSP
Delivery ClassA
Main CategoryPayroll
Sub CategoryGermany

SAP Germany Tables

PDPBSZV363Estimated Tax-Free Contributions (Acc. to Sec.3 No.63)PY-DE
P01D3_DBUV_DATDEUEV Confirmation: Data for DBUV Data ModulePY-DE
T5DBEConstr. Ind.: Company Number Assignment to Social FundsPY-DE
P01D3_DBNADEUV Confirmation: Data Module - NamePY-DE
T5D5ZSupplementary Pension Public Sector: SPI DataPY-DE
T5DPBSZVAGEEmployer-Specific Settings: EntityPY-DE
PDPBSZVABMDereg. from Compulsory Insurance (Record Type 40), ZVE-PBSPY-DE
P01ZFA_NN_KIDSZfA: Notifications Not Assigned - Child DataPY-DE
T5DPBS02Entitlement Prerequisites for Special and Non-Recurr. PaytsPY-DE
T5DRAAVmG: Assignment of Wage Types to Conversion GroupsPY-DE

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