SAP Table - P445G

SAP TableP445G
DescriptionParameters for PLOB Version_Key Figure
Table TypeTRANSP
Delivery ClassA
Main CategoryProduction Planning and Control
Sub CategorySales and Operations Planning

SAP Sales and Operations Planning Tables

PLPLAN_PARAMBOM-dependent planning parameterPP-SOP
MDRP_NODEPPositions of the nodes in a DRP networkPP-SOP
LISCOPAMTShort Text for Characteristics Allocation LIS - CO-PAPP-SOP
T445OOperations for LIS Planning FunctionsPP-SOP
TCSCP_COMP_LVLTMaterial completion level (Description)PP-SOP
T445BUser Parameters for Planning TypePP-SOP
MDRP_NSEQSequence of Node ProcessingPP-SOP
P445TVersion Status TextPP-SOP
T445C1Allocation of Permitted Periods for PlanningPP-SOP
T445FTexts for Line Definitions (SOP)PP-SOP

Full List of SAP Sales and Operations Planning Tables