SAP Table - PC03_SE16N_CD_KE

DescriptionTable Display: Change Documents - Header
Table TypeTRANSP
Delivery ClassA
Main CategoryPayroll
Sub CategoryArgentina

SAP Argentina Tables

P03_KSJ_ADMAdministration of Municipal Tax Returns to FinanzOnlinePY-AR
T5A8HRAT_CLCP_FVHRAT: Cust. Table for Pension Calculation (BAdI Filter)PY-AR
PA0794HR Master Record Infotype 0794PY-AR
PA0979HR Master Record for Infotype 0979PY-AR
P2RA_SVPayroll Result: Technical Social Insurance (A)PY-AR
PC03_SE16N_CD_KETable Display: Change Documents - HeaderPY-AR
P2RA_SV_BIPayroll Result: Social Insurance (A)PY-AR
T5APBS03Joint Taxation: Conversion of Wage Types - ImportPY-AR
T5AS0Usage Groups (Income Statistics)PY-AR
T5AS2TDescription of Remuneration Element Type (Income Statistics)PY-AR

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