SAP Table - S039

SAP TableS039
DescriptionStatistics: Inventory Controlling
Table TypeTRANSP
Delivery ClassA
Main CategoryLogistics - General
Sub CategoryLogistics Information System (LIS)

SAP Logistics Information System (LIS) Tables

MCYBObjects: Early WarningLO-LIS
MC02M_0CGRSETUPBW-Rebuild for MC02M_0CGR StorageLO-LIS
S002BIW2S002BIW2 * SIS: Sales office statisticsLO-LIS
S103ES103 - Structural InformationLO-LIS
MCRSV_USRSelection version: Assigned distribution lists or usersLO-LIS
MC04P_0MATSETUPBW Reorganization Store for MC04P_0MATLO-LIS
S100Problems: Material AnalysisLO-LIS
MCSCMFIELDSDefinition of field processing category in LIS Copy MgmtLO-LIS
MC11VA0ITMSETUPBW Reorganization Store for MC11VA0ITMLO-LIS
S013BIW1PURCHIS: Statistics for Vendor EvaluationLO-LIS

Full List of SAP Logistics Information System (LIS) Tables