SAP Table - T003N

SAP TableT003N
DescriptionNumber Ranges for Order Types
Table TypeTRANSP
Delivery ClassG
Main CategoryControlling
Sub CategoryOverhead Cost Controlling

SAP Overhead Cost Controlling Tables

PFALVPeriod-End Partner: Log (ALV Information)CO-OM
COTPLCO-ABC Template Master DataCO-OM
COTPLDEFTemplate: Definitions for ClassesCO-OM
COKACO Object: Control Data for Cost ElementsCO-OM
TKA07Fiscal-Year Dependent Version ParametersCO-OM
COOICommitments Management: Line ItemsCO-OM
TSC0ATable of StructuresCO-OM
TKB9DText Table for Assignments in Profitability AnalysisCO-OM
COFIPSingle plan items for reconciliation ledgerCO-OM
TKB10SCPossible Strategies for Each Sender TypeCO-OM

Full List of SAP Overhead Cost Controlling Tables