SAP Table - T445NK

SAP TableT445NK
DescriptionStorage of decimal points
Table TypeTRANSP
Delivery ClassL
Main CategoryProduction Planning and Control
Sub CategorySales and Operations Planning

SAP Sales and Operations Planning Tables

LISUPTransfer Profile: LIS Planning to Demand ManagementPP-SOP
ERZUEvent AssignmentPP-SOP
MCDYNUMScreen Numbers for LIS GenerationPP-SOP
T445OTShort Description of LIS OperationsPP-SOP
ERKOTEvent Header - TextsPP-SOP
T445QPrices for Price Band CategoriesPP-SOP
LISCOPAZAssignment of info structure to operating concernPP-SOP
T445LSOP Planning Table DefinitionsPP-SOP
PGPLSales & Operations Planning (SOP)PP-SOP
P445TVersion Status TextPP-SOP

Full List of SAP Sales and Operations Planning Tables