SAP Table - T445U

SAP TableT445U
DescriptionSales and Operations Planning/Initial Settings per User
Table TypeTRANSP
Delivery ClassC
Main CategoryProduction Planning and Control
Sub CategorySales and Operations Planning

SAP Sales and Operations Planning Tables

T445PPlanning Types: LIS/SOPPP-SOP
T445OTShort Description of LIS OperationsPP-SOP
T445QPrices for Price Band CategoriesPP-SOP
T445OOperations for LIS Planning FunctionsPP-SOP
T445QKPrices for Price Band Categories (Key)PP-SOP
T445EUnits for LIS PlanningPP-SOP
LISCOPAMCharacteristics Allocation: Flexible Planning - CO-PAPP-SOP
LISAKTBackground Planning ActivitiesPP-SOP
MDRP_NODTNode Type for DRP NetworkPP-SOP
MDRP_MENUTMenu text for DRP networkPP-SOP

Full List of SAP Sales and Operations Planning Tables