SAP Table - T457TBLP

DescriptionDescription MRP Elements for TBLP
Table TypePOOL
Delivery ClassG
Main CategoryAerospace & Defence Industry Solution

SAP Aerospace & Defence Industry Solution Tables

SPCIPTEISPEC2000: TEI to Explanation CodeIS-AD
GPD_TARCH_CUSTGPD Archiving CustomisingIS-AD
TBLP_CUSTCustomizing Transfer / Borrow / Loan / PaybackIS-AD
PEG_GROUPTWERKSPegging: Assignment Group WBS elements to plantIS-AD
SPCMINMAPRules for linking src field and trg field (AECMA)IS-AD
PEG_TCTRLPegging: Customizing on Plant LevelIS-AD
MSCDHCustomer stock with vendor - HistoryIS-AD
SPCIPINTERFACEInterface IP Data - Master DataIS-AD
DIWPS_HEADReallocation: Conversion Plant/Work centerIS-AD
DIWPS_OPERReallocation: Conversion Plant/Work centerIS-AD

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