SAP Table - T5D19

SAP TableT5D19
DescriptionAssignment of Individual SI Contribution Funds
Table TypeTRANSP
Delivery ClassC
Main CategoryPayroll
Sub CategoryGermany

SAP Germany Tables

T5DB2External Data for Breakdown of Trade Tax (Construction Ind.)PY-DE
P2RD_APFGRPayroll Result: Garnishment D - Garnishment BasesPY-DE
T77PAY00_APPLSubapplications with BAdIPY-DE
T5DP5Conversion of Wage Type Infotype 0010 -> PAISYPY-DE
T7PBS00TRF_BASTLegal Basis (Text)PY-DE
P01BV_HISTHistory Admin. for PPO Contribution Survey ProcedurePY-DE
T7DEPBSVAVGAGAAge and Calculation Rule of Retirement Age LimitPY-DE
P01T_KIFBETStmt: Tax Exemptions for ChildrenPY-DE
P01EE_DBHEData Module DBHE Amount of Compensation BenefitsPY-DE
T5D7BTexts for Catalog of Service TypesPY-DE

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