SAP Table - T5D4Q

SAP TableT5D4Q
DescriptionTexts for Person Group Key
Table TypeTRANSP
Delivery ClassS
Main CategoryPayroll
Sub CategoryGermany

SAP Germany Tables

PA0189HR Master Record: Infotype 0189 (Construction Pay: Funds)PY-DE
T5D3S_EHVSAdditional Data Report Company for Earnings Structure SurveyPY-DE
T5D7MNValue of Pay Scale GroupsPY-DE
T5DRUAVmG: Texts for Conversion Wage Type GroupsPY-DE
P01D3_DBGBDEUEV Confirmation: Birth Details Data ModulePY-DE
T5D4THIF Receiving Office for the E-Mail ProcedurePY-DE
T7DEPBSNV0DAssignment of Absence Types to Suspension TypesPY-DE
T50BATHR-B2A: Text for Document ClassesPY-DE
PA0631HR Master Record for Infotype 0631PY-DE
P01D3_FLAGDEUEV Confirmation: Notification IndicatorsPY-DE

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