SAP Table - T5D8S_BANK

DescriptionBank Details for Payroll Numbers
Table TypeTRANSP
Delivery ClassC
Main CategoryPayroll
Sub CategoryGermany

SAP Germany Tables

T5D8DEWork IndicatorPY-DE
P01T_STKLETStmt: Tax Class DataPY-DE
PA0629HR Master Record for Infotype 0629PY-DE
T7DEPBSNV01TCalculation Types for Retroactive Pension Insurance - TextsPY-DE
T7PBSCA2FIndividual Texts Notice CreationPY-DE
P01ZS_HISTAdministration of the Paying Office Procedure HistoryPY-DE
T5DPBS1CBasis for Activity with Higher Rate of PayPY-DE
T5DPBS3ATransfer to TVoeD: Assignment Pay Scale Type Old/NewPY-DE
T5D8AEName of ActivityPY-DE
T5D5HSupplementary Pension Public Sector: Taxing FeaturesPY-DE

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