SAP Table - T6B2_CB

SAP TableT6B2_CB
DescriptionWCB: Assignment of Chargeback Relevance to Cond. Type Group
Table TypeTRANSP
Delivery ClassC
Main CategoryLogistics - General
Sub CategoryGlobal Trade

SAP Global Trade Tables

TWCBCHAINREUSEDefine reuse key for chain checksLO-GT
TWB2BCMTGT: Copying methods on business data levelLO-GT
TWBCLASSASSIGNTrading Expenses: Assignments to Expense ClassesLO-GT
TWCBRESTRICTCATClasses That Determine Restrictions (with Category)LO-GT
TEWSTEPTStep of the Business Process: TextsLO-GT
WCOCOHCondition Contract: HeaderLO-GT
WB2_C_BVB_TYPERebates: Business Volume Base TypeLO-GT
TPROFIT2_CALC_TTrading Contract:LO-GT
TWBEXCLASSTrading Expenses: ClassificationLO-GT
WB2_C_PRTtext table for pricing aspectsLO-GT

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