SAP Table - T76MGE_CGR

DescriptionGroups of Countries
Table TypeTRANSP
Delivery ClassC
Main CategoryPersonnel Management
Sub CategoryManagement of Global Employees

SAP Management of Global Employees Tables

T76MGE_COLPRTText Table for COLI ProvidersPA-GE
T76MGE_DSTDocument StatusPA-GE
T76MGE_CGROUPTText Table for Country GroupingsPA-GE
T76MGE_CALCCPIs calculationPA-GE
T76MGE_ASIAssignment TypesPA-GE
PA0703HR Master Record: Infotype 0703PA-GE
T76MGE_RETText Table for RegionsPA-GE
T76MGE_REQCollection Tables for Requests for Global AssignmentsPA-GE
T76MGE_ELIEligibility for Compensation PackagePA-GE
T76MGE_PYPGlobal Payroll TypesPA-GE

Full List of SAP Management of Global Employees Tables