SAP Table - T77FART

DescriptionTexts: Reason for Course Failed
Table TypeTRANSP
Delivery ClassC
Main CategoryTraining and Event Management

SAP Training and Event Management Tables

T77KAIncompatible Attendances/AbsencesPE
T77VGCheck table: Recipient GroupPE
T77REFDOCReference Document Table: Training and Event ManagementPE
T77BRCriterion ValuesPE
T77VPLog File: Correspondence in Training and Event ManagementPE
HRP1062DB Table for Infotype 1062PE
HRT1035Table Division Infotype 1035PE
T77KCTexts for Cost ItemsPE
HRPAD53Additional Data PAD53PE
T7FRFFTTexts: Forms of Education (France)PE

Full List of SAP Training and Event Management Tables