SAP Table - T77VG

SAP TableT77VG
DescriptionCheck table: Recipient Group
Table TypeTRANSP
Delivery ClassE
Main CategoryTraining and Event Management

SAP Training and Event Management Tables

HRP1042Infotype 1042 DB TablePE
T77KFTransfer of Business Event Costs to ControllingPE
T77AMTime SchedulePE
T77REFDOCReference Document Table: Training and Event ManagementPE
T77CRReasons for Cancellation of Business EventPE
T77BRCriterion ValuesPE
HRPAD53Additional Data PAD53PE
T77BTCriterion ValuesPE
HRPAD34Additional Data for Relationship 'has attended'PE
T77BKAppraisal CriteriaPE

Full List of SAP Training and Event Management Tables