SAP Table - TAI01

SAP TableTAI01
DescriptionCI Program Position Editing Mask: Control
Table TypeTRANSP
Delivery ClassC
Main CategoryInvestment Management
Sub CategoryCapital Investments

SAP Capital Investments Tables

IMCEFLTIM Summarization: Texts for functional locationsIM-FA
TAIF10Dropdown Box Tool: Assignment of Applkey/Subscrno <--> TransIM-FA
ARC_IDX_APPREQIM: Index Table for Archiving Appropriation RequestsIM-FA
TAIFDIM Drilldown: Characteristic DependenciesIM-FA
TAI08Budget categories for capital investment programsIM-FA
IMZRAssignment Table: CO Object - Cap.Inv.Prog.Pos. (Reports)IM-FA
TAIGSKey figure key for scale (language-dependent)IM-FA
IMCEFLIM Summarization: Functional locationsIM-FA
TAI12Type of organizational unitIM-FA
TAIF6Scores for variantsIM-FA

Full List of SAP Capital Investments Tables