SAP Table - TAI12

SAP TableTAI12
DescriptionType of organizational unit
Table TypeTRANSP
Delivery ClassE
Main CategoryInvestment Management
Sub CategoryCapital Investments

SAP Capital Investments Tables

TAI07Operative objects for inv. programs that can be allocatedIM-FA
IMAKPPApprop. request - distribution by requesting cost ctrIM-FA
TAIF1LLong text control for approp. request type for req. headerIM-FA
IMCEMIM Summarization: MeasuresIM-FA
TAIF51Scale of Investment Objects (Value Limits)IM-FA
TAIGKKey figure key for scaleIM-FA
ANLILink table for investment measure -> AuCIM-FA
TAIF1WPartn. functions for approval workflowIM-FA
IMTTCapital Investment Program TextsIM-FA
ANIADepr. simulation for invest. projectsIM-FA

Full List of SAP Capital Investments Tables