SAP Table - TAIF10

DescriptionDropdown Box Tool: Assignment of Applkey/Subscrno <--> Trans
Table TypeTRANSP
Delivery ClassG
Main CategoryInvestment Management
Sub CategoryCapital Investments

SAP Capital Investments Tables

IMAKPWApprop. request - distribution by requesting material groupIM-FA
TAIF9Value table for user fieldsIM-FA
TAIF1VLong text control for approp. request type for variantsIM-FA
IMAKPPApprop. request - distribution by requesting cost ctrIM-FA
IMAVTTexts for appropriation request variantIM-FA
ANLKAsset Origin by Cost ElementIM-FA
IMAKZSApprop. request assignment table- alternate requests...IM-FA
TAIC2IM Summarization: Summarization versionIM-FA
TAI06CI Program Type TextsIM-FA
TAIF1TText table for appropriation request typesIM-FA

Full List of SAP Capital Investments Tables