SAP Table - TAIF6T

DescriptionScores for variants
Table TypeTRANSP
Delivery ClassC
Main CategoryInvestment Management
Sub CategoryCapital Investments

SAP Capital Investments Tables

IMA_APPLKEYNOList Box Tool: Application Group/Context ---> Number ListboxIM-FA
IMAVAppropriation request variantIM-FA
TAIFDIM Drilldown: Characteristic DependenciesIM-FA
TAI13TTexts for allowed values of user-defined org. unitsIM-FA
IMCERIM Summarization: Appropriation requestsIM-FA
TAI11Group shares in Inv. Program Info SystemIM-FA
IMCHIM Summarization: HeaderIM-FA
TAI01CI Program Position Editing Mask: ControlIM-FA
TAPRGCap.Inv.Measure Profile - Source assgnmt per source struct.IM-FA
TAIF6Scores for variantsIM-FA

Full List of SAP Capital Investments Tables