SAP Table - TB2BS1

DescriptionTrading Contract: Replication Fields (Not Ready for Input)
Table TypeTRANSP
Delivery ClassG
Main CategoryLogistics - General
Sub CategoryGlobal Trade

SAP Global Trade Tables

TWCBFEATURESCondition Contract: Control TableLO-GT
WCOCOFCondition Contract: Document Flow DataLO-GT
TEWMODEMode of the Step of a Business ProcessLO-GT
TPOSTTPortfolio Determination: Control TableLO-GT
TWCBCHAINREUSETDefine reuse key for chain checksLO-GT
TEWSTEPBusiness Process StepLO-GT
WB2_D_COMSUBTrading Contract: commodity sub itemsLO-GT
WB2_C_COMSUBcommodity item categoryLO-GT
KONHMPortfolio Determination - Data PartLO-GT
WB2_C_PMR_INCCS: Settings PMR inbound for Condition ContractLO-GT

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