SAP Table - TB2B_VC_B

DescriptionConfiguration in TC: Fields That Can Be Changed Manually
Table TypeTRANSP
Delivery ClassC
Main CategoryLogistics - General
Sub CategoryGlobal Trade

SAP Global Trade Tables

WB2_C_PF_CHKGTPre-Check group description for ProcessingLO-GT
TTCTYP2HEDGEWB2C: Assignment of Trading Contract Type - Hedging TypeLO-GT
TWCBCPCTYPEWCB: Copy Control for Condition TypesLO-GT
TEWSTEP2PARAParameters for ActionLO-GT
WB2_D_BUSVOLRebates: Business VolumeLO-GT
MC46GT0GTMSETUPStorage: BW Setup for MC46GtasoLO-GT
WB2_C_PRTtext table for pricing aspectsLO-GT
TWBCLASSASSIGNTrading Expenses: Assignments to Expense ClassesLO-GT
WB2_C_PF_MTHD_EXExecution order in Method for Processing of Follow-on doc.LO-GT
TWBPOSTYPGROUPTTrading Expenses: Posting Type GroupLO-GT

Full List of SAP Global Trade Tables