SAP Table - TBOS165A

DescriptionConditions Determination Procedure for SD Services
Table TypeTRANSP
Delivery ClassG
Main CategoryIndustry Solution Engineering & Construction

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A265Standard Dummy Customer/Document Type/Material Grp/MaterialIS-EC
TBOSARTBill of Services TypeIS-EC
C496Condition Type/Account KeyIS-EC
KOTJ005Debited Co. Code/Debited Business Area/Recipient/EquipmentIS-EC
BOSPS_ASSIGNMENTBOSPS: PS object links to the specified sales documentIS-EC
ADBOS_ECP_RELObject Relationship Service: Generic Binary LinksIS-EC
TBOS165AConditions Determination Procedure for SD ServicesIS-EC
J_3GEMPFTRecipient Type TextsIS-EC
TBOSSUPPLETService Line: Texts for Subsequent StatusIS-EC
J_3GCOFIXAccount Determination Using Fixed CO ObjectIS-EC

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