SAP Table - TCA23

SAP TableTCA23
DescriptionPermissible tables and structures for grouping categories
Table TypeTRANSP
Delivery ClassS
Main CategoryProduction Planning and Control
Sub CategoryBasic Data

SAP Basic Data Tables

VMETVORData base for CAPP rulesPP-BD
KAZYInterval of Available CapacityPP-BD
TCARARounding categoriesPP-BD
VFORPCharacteristics for formulasPP-BD
TC10Initial values for CIM screen sequencePP-BD
CRVM_ALink of PRT data to a materialPP-BD
T423TLanguage-dependent texts for T423: Qualifications/Wage grp.PP-BD
TC26Capacity categoryPP-BD
TC28Location groupsPP-BD
TC23TLanguage-dependent texts for TC23: Usage keyPP-BD

Full List of SAP Basic Data Tables