SAP Table - TCK02

SAP TableTCK02
DescriptionCosting Types - Texts
Table TypeTRANSP
Delivery ClassG
Main CategoryControlling
Sub CategoryProduct Cost Controlling

SAP Product Cost Controlling Tables

CKPHSControl for Cost Object CategoryCO-PC
FCO_SETTINGSSettings for Failure Cost ProcessingCO-PC
CKMLCURText for currency type and valuation typeCO-PC
TKV01Variance Keys: Cost Centers/CostingCO-PC
KALFCosting Run: Error Log HeaderCO-PC
TCK19ATText Table Quantity Structure Control (Cross-Plant)CO-PC
PZPSProduction Measuring Point for Totals RecordCO-PC
CKMLLACRML Activity Type: Period Record/Currency RecordCO-PC
CKMLAB01ZMaterial Update Structure (Line Assignment)CO-PC
CKLAYOUTUser Settings for Layout of Cost EstimateCO-PC

Full List of SAP Product Cost Controlling Tables