SAP Table - TCK05

SAP TableTCK05
DescriptionValuation Variants in Costing
Table TypeTRANSP
Delivery ClassG
Main CategoryControlling
Sub CategoryProduct Cost Controlling

SAP Product Cost Controlling Tables

TKV03Variance VersionsCO-PC
TKKA1Check Table of RA Key for Credit/Debit Results AnalysisCO-PC
CKISItems Unit Costing/Itemization Product CostingCO-PC
TCK03Costing VariantsCO-PC
CKMLDELTAPOSTTemporary Storage for Delta Postings for CumulationCO-PC
FCO_SETTINGSSettings for Failure Cost ProcessingCO-PC
CKSBX_SERVERApplication Server for Shared BufferCO-PC
CATDECATT Test Data Memory, AttributesCO-PC
CKMLMV016Quantity structure tool: Naming ruleCO-PC
TKV07Target Cost VersionsCO-PC

Full List of SAP Product Cost Controlling Tables