SAP Table - TCK20

SAP TableTCK20
DescriptionQuantity Structure Control for Costing
Table TypeTRANSP
Delivery ClassG
Main CategoryControlling
Sub CategoryProduct Cost Controlling

SAP Product Cost Controlling Tables

CKMLMV004WIPProcess Model: Deductions WIPCO-PC
TCMF3Areas of ResponsibilityCO-PC
TKV11Target Cost Versions: Cost Element Group AssignmentCO-PC
CKMLMV016Quantity structure tool: Naming ruleCO-PC
CKMLCRWIPMaterial Ledger: WIP Period Records (Values)CO-PC
WSFOLDERSWorkspace Folders - Unit CostingCO-PC
TCKH7Cost Component GroupsCO-PC
MAKABuffer Table for MiniApps of the CostingCO-PC
MLCRMaterial Ledger Document: Currencies and ValuesCO-PC
TKV01Variance Keys: Cost Centers/CostingCO-PC

Full List of SAP Product Cost Controlling Tables