SAP Table - TCX03

SAP TableTCX03
DescriptionControl Parameters for Scheduling: SOP Orders
Table TypePOOL
Delivery ClassC
Main CategoryProduction Planning and Control
Sub CategorySales and Operations Planning

SAP Sales and Operations Planning Tables

TCX03Control Parameters for Scheduling: SOP OrdersPP-SOP
OTBPARAMParameters for OTB ControlPP-SOP
MDRP_NODENodes for DRP NetworkPP-SOP
T445OOperations for LIS Planning FunctionsPP-SOP
RMCP8Archive MaterialsPP-SOP
PGPLSales & Operations Planning (SOP)PP-SOP
T445NExecutable MacrosPP-SOP
MDRP_POCOEvent Table: Deployment RunPP-SOP
LISCOPAZAssignment of info structure to operating concernPP-SOP
T445IPlanning Attributes: Information StructurePP-SOP

Full List of SAP Sales and Operations Planning Tables