SAP Table - TD01

SAP TableTD01
DescriptionTable for collateral keys
Table TypeTRANSP
Delivery ClassC
Main CategoryFinancial Services
Sub CategoryLoans Management

SAP Loans Management Tables

TD01TText elements for TD01 Collat.sec.typeFS-CML
TD16Borrower's note security value tableFS-CML
TZB0NAssign Contract Type - Relationship Cat. - Activity Cat.FS-CML
TDIOA_NOPOSTCALCFlow Types Without RecalculationFS-CML
TZB21TName of Clerk (Processing Group)FS-CML
TDLOS_MAP_PAYFLoan Origination: Assignment of Payment MethodsFS-CML
TZN04Standard check digit procedure tableFS-CML
VZFZE_VDAUSZCentral Entry Table for Release ProcedureFS-CML
TRISKCLASSValue Characteristics of Risk ClassesFS-CML
VDIOA_CALC_HEADCalculation Details for Interest on Arrears CalculationFS-CML

Full List of SAP Loans Management Tables