SAP Table - TD19

SAP TableTD19
DescriptionOrganizational Unit (Contract Management)
Table TypeTRANSP
Delivery ClassC
Main CategoryFinancial Services
Sub CategoryLoans Management

SAP Loans Management Tables

TDREPAY_PRCONDCondition Type Determination for the PayoffFS-CML
TDHIERKRITTIncoming Payments: Assignment Criteria TextsFS-CML
TDO1TTexts for TD01 Object Construction MethodsFS-CML
VDCORR_CNTRLControl Table for Creation of CorrespondenceFS-CML
TDOPTOOL_EXCEPTException Table for the OP Lock ToolFS-CML
TD03ADefine Loan TypeFS-CML
VDZNB_SEPAPmnt Postproc.: Storage of SEPA Return DataFS-CML
TZB26TName of Account GroupFS-CML
VDSEPA_AUTODEBRecords for new auto debit (SEPA direct debit)FS-CML

Full List of SAP Loans Management Tables