SAP Table - TKB10SLC

DescriptionSettings for Automatic Generation of SETC
Table TypeTRANSP
Delivery ClassC
Main CategoryControlling
Sub CategoryOverhead Cost Controlling

SAP Overhead Cost Controlling Tables

TKSBVDefault Values for LayoutsCO-OM
KPP1CHKFKPP: File name of last check-outCO-OM
TKAZTText table for TKAZ:CO validation/substitution callup pointsCO-OM
OMIS_IS_PIDAllocation of InfoSource to InfoSourceViewer ProGIDCO-OM
COEPCO Object: Line Items (by Period)CO-OM
TKB7BText Table for Field Name PseudonymsCO-OM
BWOM_RHIER_LINEBCT-CO: Rows for Report Row HierarchiesCO-OM
TSC0DAssignment TableCO-OM
T811JAllocations: Information for Field GroupsCO-OM
T811XAllocations: Fixed Selection ValuesCO-OM

Full List of SAP Overhead Cost Controlling Tables