SAP Table - TKB6

DescriptionAccount Determination for Settlement
Table TypeTRANSP
Delivery ClassC
Main CategoryControlling
Sub CategoryOverhead Cost Controlling

SAP Overhead Cost Controlling Tables

TKA20Sender/receivers for CO postingsCO-OM
QISR_CREQ_SCENChangeRequest@Web: Scenarios for Each Master Data ObjectCO-OM
TKO01Control parameters for order typeCO-OM
TKT12Switching Structure for Cost Component SplittingCO-OM
KCR_T_CCATData Model for Cost Center/Activity TypeCO-OM
A136Price per Controlling AreaCO-OM
CMDT_BPGeneric master record business process enhancementsCO-OM
TKB10SDStrategies on Automatic Generation of SETC - DetailCO-OM
COSPCO Object: Cost Totals for External PostingsCO-OM
CMDT_ADRGeneric Master Record: AddressCO-OM

Full List of SAP Overhead Cost Controlling Tables