SAP Table - TSC0K

DescriptionText table for splitting methods
Table TypeTRANSP
Delivery ClassS
Main CategoryControlling
Sub CategoryOverhead Cost Controlling

SAP Overhead Cost Controlling Tables

AUFLAY2Order Master Data Maintenance: Tab NamesCO-OM
TKO01Control parameters for order typeCO-OM
TSC0GTable of splitting rulesCO-OM
COACTTText of Authorization Check ActivitiesCO-OM
T003POrder Type DescriptionsCO-OM
TKB2ADefault Rules for Posting RulesCO-OM
COTPLDEFTemplate: Definitions for ClassesCO-OM
TKSF0CUA control function modulesCO-OM
TKSR5Field transfers for cost center summarizationCO-OM
TKB10SLBStrategy Sequences for Automatic Generation of SETC - DetailCO-OM

Full List of SAP Overhead Cost Controlling Tables