SAP Table - TSFG

DescriptionForwarding agent freight group
Table TypeTRANSP
Delivery ClassC
Main CategoryLogistics Execution
Sub CategoryTransportation

SAP Transportation Tables

VXSITDLVSmall Parcel Carrier: Data Fields per Shipping PointLE-TRA
VFSCAIL0Scale Item: Postal CodeLE-TRA
TGAFFreight Code DeterminationLE-TRA
VXSITDLTSmall Parcel Carrier: Data Field (Type Description)LE-TRA
VXTRKSTTracking Status DetailsLE-TRA
TROIZRoute Determination: By Country and ZoneLE-TRA
TRXRTTracking: Code types for route typesLE-TRA
VXSITDLExpress Delivery Company: Meta Description Data FieldLE-TRA
TVSRRoutes: LegsLE-TRA
TVKNRoutes: Transportation Connection PointsLE-TRA

Full List of SAP Transportation Tables