SAP Table - TVKN

DescriptionRoutes: Transportation Connection Points
Table TypeTRANSP
Delivery ClassC
Main CategoryLogistics Execution
Sub CategoryTransportation

SAP Transportation Tables

VFZPCorrect Original Assignmen of ConditionsLE-TRA
TRXSECTracking: Types of sub-operationLE-TRA
TVFRDRRounding RulesLE-TRA
VFKGRP(Freight) Group ConditionsLE-TRA
VTPRLTransportation Planning System Route LimitationsLE-TRA
VRTCPRouting Info per Carrier/Country/Zip CodeLE-TRA
TVTRTRoutes: Method of Transportation TextsLE-TRA
VFSCAIT0Scale Item: Duration (Idle Time, Travel Time, and so on)LE-TRA
VXSISRSmall Parcel Carrier: Route -> Service CodeLE-TRA
VXTRKSTTracking Status DetailsLE-TRA

Full List of SAP Transportation Tables