SAP Table - TZB04

SAP TableTZB04
DescriptionFlow Type Groups Definition for Cash Flow Display
Table TypeTRANSP
Delivery ClassS
Main CategoryFinancial Services
Sub CategoryLoans Management

SAP Loans Management Tables

TD16TTexts for borrower's note loan securitiesFS-CML
TDPR_ATTRFIELDAttribute: Field DescriptionFS-CML
TDIOA_SCHM_TPLDefault Calculation Profile for New LoanFS-CML
TDACC_PRINCIPLEAccounting Principles for Parallel ValuationFS-CML
TDVZLDunnable payment methods for incoming payments in loansFS-CML
TDO10TIndicator for Condition of Object (Description)FS-CML
VDCHK_DOC_IPPayments for Subsequent PostingFS-CML
TDOPTOOL_EXCEPTException Table for the OP Lock ToolFS-CML
TDPR_PRODVVersion of a Prodcut, Master DataFS-CML
TDINSURE_TYPE_T0Temporary Use: Insurance Categories - TextsFS-CML

Full List of SAP Loans Management Tables