SAP Table - VFKP

DescriptionShipment Costs: Item Data
Table TypeTRANSP
Delivery ClassA
Main CategoryLogistics Execution
Sub CategoryTransportation

SAP Transportation Tables

TVT_CA_SDELI_RRestriction of Fwdg Agent Selection Variants for DeliveriesLE-TRA
TVRSZRoutes: Legs for each RouteLE-TRA
VTADD03Checking Table Supplement 3LE-TRA
VRTCPRouting Info per Carrier/Country/Zip CodeLE-TRA
VLBLTDExpress Delivery Company's Carrier AssignmentLE-TRA
TVFPTZTariff Zone Assignment for Postal Code AreaLE-TRA
VFPAPartner for Shipment CostsLE-TRA
VFSCAIL4Scale Item: Transportation ZoneLE-TRA
TRXPCTracking: Code types for partnersLE-TRA
T173Routes: Mode of Transport for Each Shipping TypeLE-TRA

Full List of SAP Transportation Tables